Zippers may be manufactured from 3 different types of materials as shown below::

Metal Chain:

Metal zippers have been around quite a while. In fact, the first zippers were made of metal back in 1893. Metal zippers are available in four different finishes:

Aluminum Chain that is constructed principally from aluminum.
Brass Chain that is constructed of brass, typically a combination of copper and zinc.
Antique Brass Chain made from brass that is chemically treated to give the appearance of worn or tarnished brass.
Black Oxidized Chain made from brass that is chemically treated to a black matte finish.

Molded Plastic Chain:


These plastic zippers have individually injected molded teeth, fused directly onto the tape of the zipper. The resins to used to manufacture the molded plastic chain are incredibly strong. These zippers are ideal for many medium and heavy weight garments or any outdoor application.

Coil (Nylon) Chain:


Coil zippers are often referred to as nylon zippers. The teeth of these zippers are extruded plastic, sewn onto the zipper tape. These zippers are very flexible and are available in a variety of sizes (gauges). Coil zippers have many applications from fashion-wear to all types of tents and canvas goods and bags.



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